Can I list my car for sale on Carrumba?

Yes you can!

Start by either Selecting Add a Vehicle or go straight to the pricing page and choose the personal seller account.

As a personal seller of your vehicle, your able to input & list one vehicle at a time. You will need to setup your account, be sure to take clear pictures of the interior and exterior of the vehicle, upload all details that your able to provide for the potential buyer and post on Carrumba, you may possibly receive an buyer from another person or a automotive broker or dealer within our automotive network. 

Personal Seller * Be Aware – that if you are posting & listing and sell more than 5 cars within a calendar year your account – could be flagged and request will be to upgrade to a broker account with paid registration requirements.

Are You looking for a new car?

We appreciate you taking the time today to visit our web site. Our goal is to give you an interactive platform for you to either list and sell or search and buy from one of the many registered sellers, brokers or dealers registered in the Carrumba database of used inventory, with the ease of being able to search from whereever you are.


What paid options do I have to sell as a auto broker or dealer on Carrumba?

Carrumba offers two option plans for all brokers and dealers to have the ease of choice what best suits your automotive advertising budgets and needs. Monthly plans are available for renewal month to month as well as year plans billed monthly, locking in a lesser monthly amount for either broker level or dealer level plans. If you choose to go month to month, your billing will be higher, if you should select the monthly plan, you will be able to discontinue the year plan, by providing a 60 day notice, which would include two months billing to cancel the services.